Key Benefits

Enhances school to parent communication in a modern and completely user-friendly way.

With your own school app you will be able to send out information about sports teams, class projects, bad weather day school cancellations, a rained-off sports day, reminders about the school play in the evening, information about school schedules and so much more. Missing notes, school newsletters and misinformation will be gone. Forever.

Improves school office productivity by reducing paperwork and unnecessary phone calls.

Imagine being able to receive sick notes from parents easily through your app? Or online payments taken for school trips? No problem. Streamline school office administration and free-up resources. There are not reams of paper either so it’s fantastically eco-friendly. All this information at everyone’s fingertips whether they’re out shopping, at work, on a boat. It’s just……there!

Takes your existing information and delivers it instantly in a way parents want.

Parents will LOVE your school’s app. Parents will WANT this and embrace it fully. It’s modern, fresh and user-friendly. It’s quick, convenient, smart and it is the future. Take your school communications to a new dimension.