Get Started

How it Works
We want getting started to be painless for schools and parents. That’s why we’ve made our common sense process as easy, helpful and logical as our apps.

Step 1: Request your free app for your school.

Request your free app for your school. Anyone is able to do this. You will receive a demo app within 48 hours and provides you with a chance to test out what the app can do for your school.

Step 2: Discuss your school’s unique requirements.

Gateway School Apps will arrange a meeting to discuss your school’s particular needs and refine your school’s mobile app accordingly.

Step 3: Review your completed app.

After we have discussed your school’s needs, you will then get a chance to review your completed app.

Step 4: Publish the app with Apple and Android.

Once you are happy with the completed app, Gateway School Apps will publish the school app with Apple and Android and prepare a marketing kit to prepare for launch day.

So what are you waiting for? Request your free app for your school today or contact us for further information.

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