Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you don’t find your answer here, please contact us.

What are mobile apps?
Mobile apps are mini-applications that operate on a mobile device like a mobile SmartPhone or tablet like an iPad. They can be web apps or native apps.
What is the difference between a web app and a native app?
Web apps are accessed via a browser and native apps are installed on your phone. The user downloads a native app from an online app store or marketplace. 
Why does Gateway School Apps use native apps?
Native apps provide the content owner with greater security. The native ‘mobile app’ also allows the user to quickly and seamlessly access the information with one tap of the app, without the need to use a mobile browser and surf the internet to find the information they need putting information at the users’ fingertips.
Some of our parents have iPhones and other use Android-based smartphones. What platforms will our school app work on?
Gateway School Apps will make versions of your school mobile app to work on iPhones or any Android based smartphone. It will even provide an html5 version also known as a mobile website. All at the one cost. Of course, some families don’t even have a PC – but smartphone use is ubiquitous. A greater number of people are spending more time hooked up to their phones than ever before and that is growing, rapidly. Smartphone usage is going through the roof!
Will parents know how to use a school mobile app?
According to a recent Google sponsored study, the US has one of the highest percentages of smartphone users in the world. By 2015, it is estimated that 95% of mobile devices will be web-enabled. This means that around 95% of people who own a phone will have access to mobile apps. Most parents know how to use this technology and it is what they are comfortable using. 
How do I get started?
We want getting started to be painless for schools and parents. Click Get Started in the menu above. We’ve made getting started as easy, helpful and logical as our mobile apps.
I'd like to sponsor a school that doesn't currently have an app. What should I do?
Great, contact us and let us know. We’ll reach out and assist the school or district in getting started. 

We’d like to get an app without it costing our school anything. What do we have to do for it to be sponsor-supported?
Simple. Complete the school enrollment application to get your school’s app. While we are creating it, provide us with a list of local preferred sponsors and any regional or national businesses that have a location close to your school. Our team will reach out and explain the sponsorship program and assist those businesses in becoming sponsors to fully offset the annual recurring cost for your standalone app.
We don’t mind ads, but we’re selective with who our school is associated with. Can we refuse a sponsor?
Yes. First, your preferred local sponsor prospects get our team’s first priority. Since it only takes a few to fully offset the cost, it’s rare that we solicit a business that you didn’t recommend to begin with. Also, we only solicit family-friendly, school-appropriate sponsors. In the unlikely event that a sponsor you don’t approve requests to sponsor your school’s app, we will honor your request to refuse their ad. See our Guidelines for Advertising for more information.