Welcome to Gateway Mobile Apps!

Gateway School Apps is a division of iOS Maui. We create mobile apps for schools and small businesses who want a custom-built solution at an affordable cost.  We have over 25 years of experience as school Administrators and technology experts. We founded iOS Maui, LLC in 2012. Our first app was published in 2013 and was a huge success, leading to a national mobile app strategy for Steak-umm the following year. Recently, we have been making free mobile apps for the local schools. The schools love their apps, and we’re grateful to be able to provide that service. The school apps are supported by local, family-oriented businesses, new or established, big or small. Businesses that want to advertise in the phones of nearly every Maui family. We are really excited about this great opportunity for local businesses.

We’re so excited because these aren’t stale, static paper ads that can be thrown away but are interactive mobile advertisements that include calling the business directly from the advertisement, viewing their website, their social media, etc. It’s just so exciting all the things their ad can do and it goes with parents wherever their phones go!

Technology doesn’t have to be expensive and confusing.

Why an App?

popup messages
Instantly communicate with parents.

Our school mobile apps allow pop-up messages and instant alerts to remind parents of upcoming events or changes. They can also include sick notes and online payment systems.

mobile newsletters
Newsletters you can read anywhere.

Our school mobile apps allow parents access to the school newsletter, whether they are near the school or half way across town.

mobile security
Quick and secure access to information.

Our school mobile apps are native apps that are installed on parents’ phones. Native apps provide greater security and quicker access to information.

Why choose us?

Every school is different. Our features our designed to benefit your school.
Your school’s App is native ensuring the highest performance.
No more headaches, we do all the work for the lifetime of your school’s App.

Without our clients, our work would have no meaning

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Call us today at  808-250-7846 or email info@iosmaui.com

APPS ARE REPLACING WEBSITES!! Are you ready for the next generation? We are Educators, Administrators, and Developers working together to make the best app for your school. We get all the sponsors so your school’s app is completely FREE!!