Every school is different, but most app companies are the same. Not Gateway.
Our mobile apps are based on our 25+ years experience as school administrators. Your mobile app is customized to meet your requirements, quickly and at no cost. Contact us now to learn how your school can get a mobile app for FREE!

Free Support & Updates

Free support and updates for the lifetime of your App!

Stunning Layouts

Your professionally designed App includes an amazing and unique layout.

Clean & Simple to Use

Simple customization, as easy as sending an email. It’s built for everyone.

Retina Ready

With vector fonts and the latest features your App is optimized for high resolution displays.

Advanced Features

Manage your App, like never before, using the our Content Management and Automation tools.

Stellar Design

We create beautiful Apps with a pixel-perfect eye for detail and a high standard for aesthetic excellence.



Use your school’s App to enhance school to parent communication in a modern and completely user-friendly way. With your own school app, you will be able to send out information about: upcoming events, class projects, bad weather notices, school closures, and so much more.



Your School’s App reduces paperwork. Your app improves school office productivity by reducing unnecessary phone calls. Imagine being able to receive sick notes through your app or take online payments for school trips. 

clean code

Clean Code & Modern Technology

Your School’s App includes regular code updates and access to our 5-star customer support. Take your existing information and deliver it in a way parents LOVE and WANT. It’s quick, convenient, smart and it is the future.

Without our clients, our work would have no meaning

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iOS, Android and Web
You will be able to download your school or district’s native iOS app for iPhones and iPads from the Apple App Store & native Android app from Google Play. Concerned about Blackberry, Windows or other devices? No problem! You will also have a separate HTML5 web app that is accessible from any web-enabled device.
Content Management and Automation
We use a variety of cutting edge tools to automate many of the content features to ensure your app stays up-to-date with current content. Additionally, your Content Management system is available anytime to add and update your app’s content throughout the year, at no additional cost.
Social Media Management
Your App features powerful social media tools that allow you to simultaneously send a message as a push notification and post it to your app’s Messages, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. It is your one-click, one-place to tweet, facebook, and push your news and announcements.
Security and Reliability
Your App is a native app that is installed on parents’ phones. As well as being a format parents feel comfortable using, native apps provide greater security and quicker access to information.  Regardless of a parents’ smartphone brand, Android or iPhone, your school app will work.

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APPS ARE REPLACING WEBSITES!! Are you ready for the next generation? We are Educators, Administrators, and Developers working together to make the best app for your school. We get all the sponsors so your school’s app is completely FREE!!